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Sinking of the SS Britannia in 1941


Unfortunately, this part of the website includes texts and links to other texts where the authors have distinguised beween passengers and crew and included language that was often used at the time, e.g. reference to Indians and/or natives.
I am sorry if any visitors to this part of the website find any of the content upsetting.

My father's personal account of the Sinking of the SS Britannia in 1941 and some subsequent research undertaken has been summarised as follows:

Content about the Survivors picked up by the Cabo de Hornos

2nd Lt. Cox, Sub Lt. Davidson and Lt. Rowlandson

Article in The Illustrated London News dd 1 November 1941

A horrendous story of survival, on one of the rafts, from notes provided by 2nd Lt. Cox

Rescue from a raft per 2nd Lt. Cox

Other Content

- the main SS Britannia website

Main SS Britannia website including Personal Stories and Press Reports

- research undertaken by Melvyn Misquita in Goa

Melvyn Misquita

Colin Bower
26 October 2020

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